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Randi's Steps

If only her life were a story on paper, she could tear it into a million pieces and start over. Ten-year-old Francie wishes she could go back to days of running through sprinklers and riding in Randi’s father’s Corvette with the top down. Her life hasn’t been the same since her best friend started battling brain cancer. Francie wants to be loyal and caring to Randi, but when put to the test, she fails. Will their friendship survive the disease that changes everything? Set on Long Island in 1979, Randi’s Steps is a coming-of-age story that goes beyond the expected themes of friendship, boyfriends, and self-doubts. Randi’s Steps exposes the dark places in a young girl’s heart and the challenges of facing the truth about herself. 

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Less of Us

What happens when two friends take a competition too far? In Less of Us Kaycee and Ella want to lose some weight before they graduate high school, but gradually their contest leads them both into the path of eating disorders. Told from both girls’ points of view, they reveal the secrets they keep from their friends and families. Ella’s childhood faith has disintegrated until she meets a guy who has had his own share of trials. Kaycee thinks her life is improving as the pounds fall and she receives acceptance letters into the college of her dreams, but they both don’t realize they’ve entered a downward spiral. Will something change their direction before it’s too late?

One Touch from the Maker
"The Lure of the Witch" 

This is a collection of inspirational testimonies written by various authors and compiled by Pat Kirk. “The Lure of the Witch” is one of the many enlightening stories included.

“These stories make people think deeply about their lives and people around them…my two favorite stories are The Lure of the Witch and Stumbling Through. The Lure of the Witch was so powerful and is especially important for our young people who are trying to define themselves and fit into the “in” crowd…”

Jacqueline Carr

Less of Us

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Classically Inspired
"Vows of Lace and Tie" 
"Chasing Butterfly Dreams"
"What Do I Know of War?"
"Forever Talks"

This collection of award winning stories and poems joins the many authors whose unique work was inspired by the titles of classic novels. Compiled by Deborah Porter, each story and poem has something to offer—encouragement, inspiration, or laughter.


Frances has four pieces in this collection—three poems and a short story:


“Vows in Lace and Tie” shares the fresh love of a newly married couple who face challenges.

“What Do I Know of War” is a tribute to all the men and women who serve and protect our country.

“Forever Talks” is a prayer/conversation between a person contemplating suicide and God.

“Chasing Butterfly Dreams” is a story inspired by one of Frances’s humbling experiences as a freelance artist.

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