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Christmas 2017 poem "Once Upon Us"

Once upon eternal time,

Before the world began,

Or stars had skipped across the sky,

The Lord conceived a plan

To paint a world from golden wheat

To waters’ deep cyan.

To the dust, his spirit breathed;

In his image life was born;

Rain glistened on the jewels of fruit;

Taste all but one he warned.

One decision claimed the fall,

Thrust beneath a veil they mourned.

Our creator wouldn’t force

His love upon the earth.

Though hearts rebelled, and pride took hold,

He proved his children’s worth;

One night beneath the brightest star,

Love brought Messiah’s birth.

Once upon eternal time,

Harps strung, and trumpets blared,

Announcing Christ, the Prince of Peace

Has come for hearts prepared.

The promise of eternal love,

Good news to be declared!

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